The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Winterdyne

This army was painted for as a commission, I can only guess that the lucky recipient would have been struck dumb with awe.

Winterdyne has used a great colour scheme — greyish white armour and chalky reds and greens. Subtle grey used for shadowing and battle damage/wear has been applied sensibly and although a lot of it doesn't look overkill.

Individuality is a key driver in the design of this army. Iconography, shoulder pad detailing, bolter casings, added hoods and other details make each model a unique piece, yet despite this high level of individualism the whole lot remains coherently harmonised. Basing plays an important role in that it is identical throughout and in their own way as detailed as the models they support so nothing is falling short.

My favourite item though has got to be the land Raider. It isn't easy 'up scaling' the painting style of smaller models onto a large vehicle but this has been successfully achieved here. I particularly like the large green diagonal stripes on its sides and the use of the encircled DA motif that harks back to pre-heresy style, while red lascannon barrel ends add to the 'antique' look by giving it a 2nd Edition feel. The opening doors reveal cool interior detailing.

The only item I don't like is Belial's banner. Somehow it doesn't sit right either in size/proportion or design with the other models not least the moulded plastic banners of the squad sergeants. That's only a personal opinion of course, and takes nothing from what is after all an excellently modelled and painted Deathwing army that should inspire all.


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