The Dark Fortress

Deathwing Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought
by Dezartfox

Contemptors are unique in that unlike other 40K models they don't have a lot of surface detail for their size which means they can look quite plain. But Dezartfox has just the style for this model.

Being so large they form a natural focal point (or points) to a tabletop army yet their scale and lack of detail means that it's very rare that you'll see a really good one unless it's been heavily modified with added-on bits. Even the Relic variant (as featured here) although having more sculpted detail, is still a lot of flat area to cover with something.

With his very distinctive approach to painting his models it was just a case of the 'same again' on this one for Dezartfox, using his streaking and extensive glow effects.

For the streaked weathering affect I use a combination of feathering and washes, building the colours up and washing down the recesses to get the grimy feel. The glow is lots of thin layers built up towards the eyes, adding in brighter colours with a final highlight of white on the eyes/lense.

Certainly works well in breaking up the large body areas, and note the glow effect used on the otherwise plain base. That's not to take anything away from the metallic and muted red detail areas, handled in a way that suggets an equally battle worn appearance. The pose is sensible too, not too outrageously animated but just enough suggest some forwards momentum while searching a new target.

A cool looking Contemptor — that incidentally has the probably best weapon loadout as far as a mobile fire support chassis for the Deathwing goes: the Mortis Contemptor with a cyclone missile launcher and two Kheres pattern assault cannons (yes that's heavy 12 rending plus 2 krak shots!).


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