The Dark Fortress

Oratorium Introduction

You have reached the section containing images of the Unforgiven battle groups. Use the list on the right to navigate through the Oratorium section.

Individual models

I have decided to expand the remit of this section to include individual models where they are worthy enough to be included. These can be characters, vehicles or whatever, but the criteria for inclusion remains the same: they must be well painted, modeled or converted, in all cases offering something more than just an out-of-the box result.


This is a new section within the ORATORIUM that will focus on non-Unforgiven armies, characters and vehicles. They all must have one thing in common — to be of an excellent creative standard whether that be via painting, converting or a mixture of both.

Further information will be filed in the near future.

Isiah signature

Chronicler Isiah, the 4th Battle Company, Dark Angels.


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