The Dark Fortress

Pre-heresy Mortis Dark Angels Dreadnought by Usiel

A unique take on a Dreadnought here. It uses the hull and legs from the old Space Crusade Dreadnought, coupled with assault cannons from the Ravenwing upgrades sprue, plastic terminator targeters and a chaos bike.

It's been superbly well put together and looks to me how Dread's should look — like mini Warhounds — although the head and particularly the "face" is strangely Alien-like. The simple black, bolt gun metal and drybrushed paint scheme takes nothing a way from the design creativity involved with the concept, if anything it adds to it.

A great little model, very characterful and full of mechanical menace. Not to mention in gaming terms the two assault cannons and twin-linked heavy bolters. What's not to like?


Wayland Games
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