The Dark Fortress

Deathwing by stobz

You might have seen stobz's cool Belial conversion elsewhere on this site — this Deathwing squad with accompanying Land Raider builds on that theme.

stobz has opted for the classic white Deathwing route (to better represent the ghostly, walking dead theme as espoused in the original short story) with very strong contrasting shadows, punctuated with bright reds and muted greys to lift the scheme. This style suits models en masse and as can be seen this squad and their Land Raider look stunning. As on his Belial, stobz has carried the blue detail on the storm shield (representing the built in energy field generators in action) and used similar colouration on the power weapon, lightning claws and thunder hammers. Another detail is the green edging applied to some armour plates. Although I like the idea of this Deathwing models are already replete with painted details and maybe the green edge is one item too many.

The Land Raider is nicely detailed with additional items from the Ravenwing and DA Veteran upgrade sprues but without going too over the top. There is enough to say "this is the transport of an Elite unit so watch out". The blue optics are a neat tie-in to the blue details within the Deathwing squad.

Overall the models are crisp and clean with excellent basing to set them off. I have no doubt this collection will grow.


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