The Dark Fortress

Deathwing armoury expansion by Nathanuel

An expansion to the already impressive armoury already in service with Nathanuel's First Company.

To see previosuly featured Deathwing support vehicles from Nathanuel Deathwing Armoury by Nathanuel.

The standout points are the excellent freehand motifs, lettering and decoration that adorn most of the vehicles. Also the laser-cut DA iconogrpahy, custom designed and cut for these models. Also note the use of both the sponged battle and painted damage, and the subtle weathering on metallic surfaces and armour panels.

Strictly speaking, some of these vehicles don't officially form part of the Astartes let alone the current Deathwing armoury. But if we play it that they've had a repaint as they are extensively used on campaign seconded to the First Company then all is well. Tracked vehicle elements consist of a Glaive-pattern Fellblade, a Land Raider Crusader and a Mechanicus Vulcan-pattern Macharius Heavy Tank used as a support vehicle. Static weapons consist of an air defence missile launcher battery.


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