The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Pea

Deathwing collection of the highest standard from Pea.

Using the classic bone white, green and red there is nothing controversial in their presentation. I like the use of the dark DA green for weapon cases, chest aquilas and as items of personal heraldry. Note Belial caries his own heraldry.

Models are nicely detailed with their ceremonial daggers — a feature that makes them properly 'Deathwing'. The converted Librarian (as this gallery predates the release of the Terminator Librarian model) has an enhanced psychic hood fashioned from plastcard and wire. Belial is kit bashed using the sergeant and items from the Dark Angel and Ravenwing upgrade sprues — a common conversion route back in the day. And check the bases — yes they are spent shell cases.

The Drop Pod has been scratchbuilt (again as this gallery predates the current Drop Pod model) and looks as though it has suffered a few re-entry burns.


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