The Dark Fortress

Disciples of Caliban 'Belial' by Jay

A fully magnetised 'Belial', kitted for every situation with twin claws, Heavenfall blade and storm bolter and you really have to see his storm shield and thunder hammer pose. Very skillfully converted and painted.

The DoC are a cool looking Successor Chapter in their green and black battle plate. Their first and second companies unlike the DA's Ravenwing and Deathwing, wear the same colours and heraldry as the rest of the Chapter which gives them a very unified appearance.

Their senior Masters and Grand Masters are no different, and to make that point here's the DoC's first company Master 'Belial'. Built from a variety of parts including items from the ubiquitous Dark Angel and Ravenwing upgrade sprues, the Sword Brethren Black Templar upgrade sprue and Forge World shoulder pads, Jay has built a very characterful model representing this unnamed Master. The arms are magnetised which means he can swap weapon options to suit a particular opponent or tactical approach. I think the immense storm shield wins the competition on looks alone — the pose very heroic — with the wrist-mounted storm bolter coming a close second.

The green and black could be a very dark combination but here are enlivened with a lot of lighter coloured details and the dramatic highlight and shadow of the front tabard. Attention to detail in painting of the metal areas, and on the parchment scrolls of the storm shield is amazing — as is the fine script and DoC Chapter emblem on the shin pads. And the dramatic base is a suitable platform for the Master of the first Company.

A very impressive take on the DoC's 'Belial'. More of Jay's work can be found at
Dark Eye Studios.


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