The Dark Fortress

Lion El'Jonson by Sherbertking

It's not everyday you get to see a Primarch painted — let alone a complete set! Yet this is project undertaken (and completed) by Sherbertking. Here is his DA Primarch.

The model itself is one the Kabuki Models' Knight Of Legend models, The Templar Knight, a limited edition white metal model that stands at 40mm from eyes to feet. Looking at Kabuki Models' website there are some nice metal Lion Pads shoulder pads to enhance any DA model — maybe for Belial.

As for working on it, it was a great models to work on, I especially liked the detailing on the shoulder pads and greaves, very gothic! It's interesting to do a Dark Angel in pre-heresy colours, it's giving me thoughts to do a pre-heresy knightly order force…

The painting style is fairly rough-and-ready. I hope that doesn't cause offence as it isn't meant too, as in fact it to me references the similar style to that of John Blanche. The very limited colour palette of dark muted colours for the armour plate contrasts with the very pale flesh tones, blonde hair and white maned cloak giving the whole model a monotone look. The only colour to excite the eye is the red-handled sword grip and even that is a dark red.

His face looks suitably stern and haughty. If anything he has a slightly demonic look to him caused by the heavy eye shadows I think, he certainly isn't someone to be trifled with, so that sets much of the character of this Jonson as Primarch model. And the enormous cloak complete with clawed feet (presumably the trophy from a Calabanite Lion) has been brilliantly painted using a very economic style. Where some 'Jonsons' have had over-elaborate armour embellishments lavished upon them, this one retains a very gritty 'on-campaign' appearance that many DA aficionados might find demeaning. But I don't mind this interpretation at all. Overall a great one item from a very impressive multi-Primarch painting project.

As an aside, the model could be gamed with, representing a Company Master or Successor Grand Master with power sword I guess. But if I owned it I'd be too afraid to damage it.


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