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Flesh Tearer heroes, assault troops and Librarian Furioso by Mortarion

Blood Angel characters and assault troops as you've never seen them before: as Flesh Tearers.

Mortarion's excellent Flesh Tearer models feature elsewhere within the +ORATORIUM — those here are more recent additions that deserve their own page.

Comprising cool 'counts as' Commander Dante, the Flesh Tearers' Chapter Master Seth and a terminator Librarian based on a Space Hulk model. Can't say too much here that hasn't already been said on these incredible models. But just look at the heat burn on Dante's jetpack — that's very hard to pull of with not looking too contrived. His beautifully tarnished armour contrasts with the electric-blue power axe — the impressive Death Mask of Sanguinius looking very animated.

The jump packless assault troops: dynamically posed, ferocious, wild-eyed, bloody and rabid. What more would you expect?

With a magnificant freehand banner, cloak and Chapter markings details; added circular saw parts; the battered matt armour plate; are all the hallmarks of Mortarion's unique approach.


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