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40K gaming and modelling

29 March 2020 | 8th Edition

Games Workshop
Well we must musn't we?

Forge World
Creators of exquisite (and expensive) resin models, and lavish rules expansions to broaden the 40K hobby.

Black Library
The home of 40K literature: the publishing arm of Games Workshop producing fiction based upon the world of Warhammer 40K.

Non GW 40K models and accessories

Scribor miniatures
Creators and sculpture of a superb range of Science Fiction Fantasy figures, accessories, bases and terrain compatible with the 40K universe.

The best in 40K blogs

Warhammer 40,000 commission army building and painting service.

Other 40K gaming communities


40K authors

Dan Abnett
Latest news and events from Black Library writer Dan Abnett.

William King
The official website of William King.

Bill is an author and games designer, probably best known as the creator of the most (or should that be, least?) successful Trollslayer in the history of the Warhammer Universe, Gotrek Gurnisson, as well as being the co-author of one of the best stories in 40K — Deathwing.

The Fourth Company
The official website for Graham McNeill, author and wordsmith.

Gav Thorpe
Gav Thorpe’s very entertaining weblog.

Rob Sanders Speculative Fiction
Blog of the author of the very entertaining and inteligent Atlas Infernal (an Inquisitor Czevak novel), Redemption Corps (an Imperial Guard novel), Legion of the Damned (a Space Marines Battles novel) and other short 40K stories.

For science fiction authors

Iain Banks
Ian M Banks - Scottish creator of the sublime Culture series of novels that are best described as large scale space epics. The scope, language, imagination and scientific invention in these incredible novels make 40K seem very small fry indeed.

Web stuff

Trouble free, reliable, reasonably priced web hosting and great support from this UK/US company.

Chris Coyier's excellent site for web developers and designers alike.
Great source for good clean, considered web coding guides and solutions for when things get tricky.

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