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Belial's Personal Banner

Prior to his elevation to the Grand Master of the Deathwing, Belial as Master of the 3rd (Battle) Company, was like all Masters entitled to display his own personal heraldry on his banner.

Now in his current position he carries the Master of the Deathwing banner. However tradition dictates that he can still use his personal banner in theatres where he is accompanied by less than one third of the Deathwing Company.

The banner below — known as the 'Kadillus', is that banner. It retains a visual link to the 3rd Company in the form of the red diagonal stripe. The larger banner is the one currently used with Terminator armour, the smaller the one he used when Master of the 3rd, in power armour.

All imagery taken from Doctrines and Administrations of the Dark Angels Vol VV.Xr.

Belial's personal banner


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