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Advertising opportunities on The Dark Fortress

2 August 2020

The Dark Fortress welcomes the opportunity to help companies in their marketing drive.

This is stepping into unknown territory for us but let's see how it works out. I think careful placement of adds is key for me so as not to destroy neither the integrity nor look of the site with a plethora of garish, animated or inappropriate ads. Nevertheless, one must move with the times and more importantly look to the future.

Why advertise here?

While we can't make wild claims for promising your business' success, we can say The Dark Fortress is a site dedicated to the hobby of Warhammer 40K — Space Marines and the Dark Angels in particular. It covers a very niche sector of the hobby providing highly focused material to a very knowledgeable and discerning, mostly male audience, on a safe site that has high content and design standards. Go on, you know it makes sense.

Advertising spaces

The following advertising zones are available on this site. Non-animated image ads only. Rates are as follows:

  • 125x125 sidebar banner at $15 per 30 days.
  • 33x31 micro button banner (on our Useful Links page only). One image banner with 30 words of text at $20 per annum.
  • Other zones will be made available soon.

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Affiliate programs

We would be interested to join affiliate programs. Priority will be given to games/wargames related products or services.

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What we are not interested in advertising

We will not advertise products or services relating to or promoting: pornography, racism, gambling, the consumption of alcohol, the use of drugs, or are in any way political or religious or are funded by political parties or religious organisations.