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Dark Fortress Chronicle III

30 January 2015

Deathwing on patrol
You are coming to the strategy meeting aren't you?
Artwork: Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña.

Looking ahead to new content, site and Dark Angels' developments for 2015.

I can't believe it's been nearly two years to the day since Dark Fortress Chronicle II was put up, how time flies!

Despite having probably one of the best codexes we have ever had, my interest has in the DA has waned somewhat for reasons that I can't quite fathom. This has nothing to due with their supposed lack of competitiveness — that's never been a major issue for me and besides we're used to occupying that space right?

But whatever the reason this has sadly been reflected in the relatively few new articles being published here during 2014. All this is not helped by me dipping into the Codex Inquisition and building yet another small, elite army to sit beside my expensive, small, elite Deathwing. I'm obviously a sucker for punishment.

I have also been incredibly busy in my real life with a 9-month implementation of a rebrand within the company where I work. This has sucked the life out of me a bit leaving me little appetite for spending late nights here editing new material. The only thing ticking over with any regularity werethe additions to the ORATORIUM. There are some remarkable people doing great things with their Unforgiven models and it's always a pleasure to feature them here.

Reviews of Dark Angels' FAQ updates, formations and other recent releases

Yes I'm totally aware that I have been a bit remiss in looking over newly released Dark Angel related products in a more timely fashion. And actually there have been a few new items to get our juices flowing. The intention is that these reviews will happen — if only for completeness' sake and to satisfy my own masochistic drive to document the Chapter's changes and improvements.

The creation 7th Edition Tactica and Tech Reports

Another area that has unfortunately slipped is the updating/creating of TACTICA and TECH REPORT articles, as been frequently been pointed out to us. It's a fair comment. I can no longer use the excuse of waiting for the new Edition to drop, as it has, and a long time ago at that. Suffice to say that in the pipeline are articles on Alpha Strike Deathwing, Mechanised Deathwing, Ravenwing and dakka banner Greenwing. Again none of it particularly new at this point in time, but nevertheless important markers as to how Dark Angels play in this edition so worth documenting.


We've noticed that fewer people seem to be using the commenting tools here. There's no need to hold back, we don't bite. And actually we can all learn by what we read in comments so they are highly valued. So get commenting.

Strategium experimental forum

I am undecided on whether to remove this or not. There are plenty of excellent 40K forums around — making it so much more difficult to develop yet another one on a fairly niche site such as this. Although I had high hopes for it it just hasn't really gained much traction. It could be its format is at at fault. The topics don't seem to be threaded in the same manner as standalone forums which isn't very intuitive. If the forum goes there are a few ideas what could replace it.

Site revisions

There is the possibility of some kind of design overhaul happening soon. Not major — but enough to freshen things up a bit. The site's current incarnation stretches back to the summer of 2010, that's 4 and a half years, an eon in online design terms. The other major goal in fruition: the move towards making this place work better (that is responsively) on mobile and tablet devices. This is one project that has been developing nicely in the background on and off for the last year. I'm hoping the leap to full implementation can be made soon.

Dark Angels' developments 2015

Rumours are around that we might get a new codex this year, or at the very least the Dark Angels will form part of a campaign box set with the Chaos faction, possibly with additional character or scenario rules to make it interesting and mix things up. There are plenty of 40K rumour sites around that will be worth keeping an eye on for this. Just remember to not get too carried away by what might not happen.

Horus Heresy novels continue to be churned out at pace and we could make a cameo appearance in the odd one or two I'm sure. Not always portrayed sympathetically it must be said. Elsewhere from the Black Library, for Dark Angels Gav Thorpe has already mentioned the starting of a third book in the Legacy of Caliban series, Angels of Caliban. Let's wait and see on that one. But it's probably more likely than a new codex.

And then there's Forge World. Nothing rumoured yet but as always full of surprises and might drop 30K Dark Angels Legion models on us who knows. I find their product design very exciting. If I could afford more of it I'd have it.

That's it for now. Many thanks to visitors who still come here and to those who contribute. I certainly hope to reward your loyalty over 2015. More later as it happens.

Further information will be filed in the near future.

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