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19 February 2020

Dark Fortress Facebook
Unforgiven, atone for your sins, break out of the Inner Circle. Get social on FB.

Hmmm on Facebook, but why and what to do with it? I guess whatever you want!

As an experiment The Dark Fortress now has a Facebook page that shall be kept up to date. I'm seeing it as a way of posting updates — in addition to the RSS feed and Twitter.

But what I'd really want is stuff posted by people: anything really, comments, pics, ideas for Successor Chapters, rules queries, rules ideas, you get the picture. You can even Like me if you want!

The Facebook page is accessible via the circular F button toward the top left of any page on this site, or, from the Post stuff on Facebook link in the footer area of any page on this site. Alternatively use this now to get there:

Post stuff on Facebook

So get in there and have some fun as it really isn't me who is going to make it succeed, but YOU. So hopefully see you there.