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31 October 2010

The updating of this site has been going on apace behind the scenes.

Currently only the downloadable banner pages and the name pages from within the Book of Names (all from the +LIBRARIUM section) remain to be migrated into the new format. Hopefully I can get these sorted out during November. This will involve new CSS styles for the banner and name pages — with plenty of experimentation and testing before upload.

Another behind the scenes improvment is the widespread use of the php code:

<?php include('the_component_page_name_here.php'); ?>

This allows site-wide components (like footers and nav menus for instance) to be added into all htm pages from single php component pages, making updates a lot less of a chore as changes to the individual component pages are automatically adopted site-wide. It's a bit like templates but better.

The addition of the php code has meant that all the current pages ending in ".htm" must be changed to "php" in order to allow the php to function. However this would mean all external links to the site would break — not a good thing. To get around this additional code has been added to the .htaccess file that allows htm pages to be parsed as if they were php. Clever.

Updating to the new design

This is how things currently stand:

  • HQ section — complete
  • BULLETIN ARCHIVE section — complete
  • TECH REPORTS section — complete
  • TACTICA REPORTS section — complete
  • LIBRARIUM section — some pages changed but other not yet started
  • ORATORIUM section — complete

Refresh the page

As updating rolls out some pages might be in the new design, others until updated will be in the old design which might look a bit odd.

There might be times when an old page has been replaced by a new one but you just don't know it because your browser's internal cache may still be presenting you an older version of it. It will pay to Refresh the page on any page to reload it directly from the server, or simply empty your browsers cache. If that page has been updated then its new design will go into your cache.

Yes. I'm learning a lot which is always a positive outcome to any exercise, and, the site will be in a much better state than it was. In another seven years' time I'll look back to 2010 and be thankful I made all this effort now.

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