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21 April 2020

Experimental Dark Angels Brigade

Added 21 April 2020 to TECH REPORTS

This is a bare-bones 2000 point Brigade. Built by The Art Of War with ITC competitions in mind.

Dark Angels tactics and tricks after the Psychic Awakening

Added 18 April 2020 to TACTICA REPORTS

Some great ideas to incorporate into your list-building strategy provided by The Art Of War. A link article.

A look at where the DA are in 8th Edition after the Psychic Awakening

Added 5 April 2020 to TACTICA REPORTS

A look at post-Awakening Dark Angels by way of a fairly well rounded review of the Ritual of the Damned by Frontline Gaming. A link article.

Graphic Dark Angels by an unknown artist

Added 29 March 2020 to ORATORIUM

Too good to miss. Everything about this is amazing.

A look at where the DA were in 8th Edition prior to the Psychic Awakening

Added 29 March 2020 to TACTICA REPORTS

So let's see what Goonhammer's thoughts were about this. A link article.

Rebuilding a Fallschirmjäger list for 4th Edition

Added 24 March 2020 to TECH REPORTS

One of the joys, or headaches, of a new game edition is rebuilding your armies in a new way. So let's see what changes, what gets left out because its no longer available, and what no longer makes sense to take.

Redesign: RSS and Feedburner

Added 22 March 2020 to AUGURIUM

Over the years this site has made great use of RSS feeds as a means of publicising new content when it's uploaded and live.

Redesign: Details, details

Added 12 March 2020 to AUGURIUM

Now the broad brushstrokes of the new site are in place, it's time to start drilling down into fiddly details.

Poll: Unforgiven army builds in 8th Edition

Added 8 March 2020 to TECH REPORTS

This poll is intended as a quick snapshot of how Unforgiven gamers are building their armies using the 8th Edition Codex Dark Angels.

Redesign: From green to white

Added 29 February 2020 to AUGURIUM

Since the dawn of time (almost) we have used a Dark Angels inspired green for the background of this website. But that has now transitioned to a cleaner white.

Redesign: Setting design change goals

Added 18 February 2020 to AUGURIUM

It's always useful to set down your priority goals that your redesign project should attempt to achieve.

Redesign: Lessons learned from migrating to a secure server

Added 14 February 2020 to AUGURIUM

The reality is going https isn't as easy as flicking a switch as many hosting companies make it out to be.

Redesign: Gone secure. Gone https

Added 11 February 2020 to AUGURIUM

With any luck there will be a little padlock icon visible next to the address of this site in your browser's url bar, rather than an ominous 'Not-Secure' or a warning exclamation mark or symbol of some kind.

Redesign: on the road

Added 29 January 2020 to AUGURIUM

I've made the decision that this site is in need of a redesign. To follow progress and thinking, the plan is that anything related to the redesign will have a title starting with "Redesign:". And this page will serve as an ongoing table of contents.

Redesign: Ditching Disqus

Added 24 January 2020 to AUGURIUM

Call me a cheapskate but I'm not paying $xx for the privilege of hiding low-rent random adverts that Disqus, the third-party commenting system, insists on littering a website with.

I can't believe where the time's gone

Added 3 January 2020 to AUGURIUM

Well, so it's nearly three years since the last update here. That says a lot about my involvement with the Dark Angels nowadays.

Further information will be filed in the near future.

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