The Dark Fortress

Sacristy: The Dark Angels' Book of Names

Once a new recruit has been successfully initiated into the Dark Angels, he is given a Chapter Name. It is by this name that the brother will be known throughout his lifetime within the Chapter. He may still use and be known by his birth name, but only in a non-official context.

[Extract above taken from the Libro Modus Angelus Oscuras].

Shown below is a compilation of over 1000 names that have been officially sanctioned for use within the Chapter. Each name has a rich history and lore, and a Battle-Brother is proud to bear his given name and will research into the past glories of previous bearers. Occasionally, two or more Brothers are given the same name [never more than three bearers of a single name at any one time]. The second and third bearers are differentiated by the suffix 'Secundus' and 'Triarus' respectively. Thus: Behemiel, Behemial Secundus and Behemial Triarus. Other names may of course be submitted for approval by the Doctrinarium of the Inner Circle.

Squad, squadron and vehicle names

Dark Angel squads and squadrons are normally named after their sergeant or an attached officer, chaplain or librarian while vehicles are genarally named after their commander. In special cases a unit or vehicle permanently retains a name in remembrance of a particularly brave or heroic battle brother.

Temporary Squad and squadron names

When on campaign, ad-hoc units might be put together by combining squads that have sustained casualties. In these units temporary names may be assigned — rather than using that of the sergeant in command.

Vehicle names

If not named after their commander, vehicles are given heroic and inspiring names: Retribution, Sword of Azrael, Vindictus etc.

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