The Dark Fortress

Ravenwing bike squadron by Thirdeye

I bet you've never seen Ravenwing bikes like this before.

A highly individual take on the Ravenwing. They might not be to everyone's tastes as these bikers are a long way from the 'classic' Ravenwing look, but you have to admire the creativity behind them. The bikes front ends look much better than anything Games Workshop could put together, although they do look slightly xeno in design — Tau specifically. A little bit of helpful research has revealed that the bike's front forks and fairings probably originate from Void's VASA bikes. I like the way the twin-linked have been modelled into the fairings to keep some semblance of the original GW layout. The conversions have been handled extremely well.

Besides the fantastic modelling, what also makes them unique is the choice of colours. The 'greyish' dusty look combined with accents of bright greens and yellows — a long way off from what we are accustomed our Ravenwing to look like, for example, the yellow power weapon hilt and all DA iconography. And the overall brightness of purity seals, the rolled blankets etc all point to them being painted on a white undercoat — itself unusual on RW models.

I just wish there were a few more pictures to show, anyway enjoy what's there.

A note on permissions, I have had these images for some time and have been trying unsuccessfully to contact the owner of the model. Alas to no avail. If you are the owner or know him or her, please get in touch with regards me using them here.


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