The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce II by Dezartfox

If ever a lesson was needed in how a charcterful Deathwing army should look, then this is it.

I'm a big fan of Dezartfox's work and this is looking just about perfect. There is another DW army by him on this site from a few years ago here. It is interesting to compare the old and new. This one is the latest manifestation of many outstanding DW armies produced either for personal use or as this was, for commission.

Based on the excellent Forge World Cataphractii Pattern Terminators — this force has a distinctly archaic look. Paint them black and they would be pre-heresy. They look the ponderous, clunky looking warriors that Terminators should look.

They bear the distinctive 'Dezartfox' touches of lime green glowing eye lenses, lights and sighting devices; battered and stained armour; the haggard faces; and distinctive wash marks. The pallete of colours is small and the painting style adds bags of character to these already great models. It's these great details that bring the whole to life. Check the bloodied Apothecary (would you really want to be operated on by him?), the flames emanating from Belial's Sword of Silence, the personal/squad heraldry. It's all great.

Everything is included. From Deathwing Knights to a Chaplain autocannoned Dreadnought and a drop pod. Great to see a Librarian in the mix too — one of my favourite HQ choices at the moment. And what's not to like about his glowing force axe?


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