The Dark Fortress

Pre-heresy Dark Angels squad by DiStudios

This project was based on creating a pre-heresy unit and are representative of the Dark Angels Legion before the founding of Caliban, with all colours based on the original Rogue Trader art.

They were built using the"doghouse" style of modeling marines, that is, enlarging the Space Marines to more realistic proportions compared to the rest of the figure range. The most striking visual difference is the use of fantasy Chaos Warriors booted legs. All the lower leg armour is sculpted to replace the leather boots that the Chaos Warriors normally have. The full component list consists of Warhammer Fantasy Battle Chaos Warriors, Forge World Red Scorpion torsos and heads.

The army is based on the 7th Chapter of the Dark Angels, the First Legion of the Emperor’s armies. It has a high proportion of Terran Veterans who have stylised hair (braided). All details are from the books “Descent of Angels” and “Fallen Angels”.

All figures were painted with Vallejo paints and detailed with Tamiya weathering systems.

Sadly no further work has been done to these models since July 2009. However it looks like at some point in the near future they might well form the nucleus of a fully fledged Consecrators army — I'm looking forwards to seeing that.


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