The Dark Fortress

Asmodai by Uruk

The original metal Asmodai was one of my favourite classic DA model sculpts, despite the fact he had a weapon combination not found in the DA Codex. No matter. His new incarnation is, if anything, more characterful than the old.

One detail I am liking: the smoking-censered backpack concept (seen on Serraphicus, the Dark vengeance limited edition Interrogator-Chaplain) that now seems to be the current styling detail of all Dark Angel Interrogator-Chaplains. Both Asmodai and the generic Interrogator-Chaplain models now feature them.

Asmodai could be used as a very ornate generic Chaplain — but what this model has to set it apart is the feared Blades of Reason, and what an impressive manifestation they are.

Uruk’s Asmodai is cleanly painted using a very visible layering style that looks remarkably similar to current codex illustrations. The result is fresh and spontaneous, not too blended or overworked. The contrasting deep shadows and sharp highlights of the robe give the figure a dynamism and fluidity that the model's largely static pose belies. I particularly like the way the Chapter icon has been detailed on the skull shoulder pad.

Great inspiration.


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