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Dutch GT 2010 rules and unloved Ravenwing

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5th Edition

I was surprised to learn that there are still issues with Ravenwing Attack squadrons' (RAS) special Combat squad rules regarding their optional Land Speeder.

To date we are now some three and a half years with our 4th Edition Dark Angels Codex. Despite this there is still some strange thinking regarding the scoring status of the Attack squadrons' Land Speeder when it is taken. Let's refresh our memories as to what our current Codex tells us about this (from page 27):

Much like Combat squads, the squadron's Attack Bike and Land Speeder are purchased together with the squadron and then deployed at the same time as the squadron's bikes, but from then on they always operate as completely independent scoring units of one model.

What could be clearer?

So why therefore do the Dutch GT organisers insist that the only units that can score are as those listed on page 90 of the main Rulebook? Indeed the Dutch rules stipulate that:

Scoring units: If a Codex regards a unit as scoring, keep in mind that this could refer to a scoring unit in the 4th edition. In the 5th (current) edition a unit is scoring only if it adheres to the rules given on page 90 of the main Rulebook. Troops unit, non vehicle, non swarm, no special rule regarding never scoring. This applies to everyone. No exceptions (not even for Dark Angels players).

We've even been picked out (or on) as an example.

The organisers have obviously taken the decision that as our Codex is pre the 5th Edition game that in fact its wrong and vehicles shouldn't score — no matter if the codex rules state otherwise. Strangely though, on page 3 in the rules pack they do acknowledge that codexes override the main rulebook unless they have been amended in an official Errata or if they contradict the rules pack. So they follow the standard rules hierachy unless the tournament rules say differently then they take precedence. That's all OK, and is no different to many other tournament restraints. What I find puzzling is the logic applied to the changing of the particular rule.

This to me seems a gross leap of faith. They recognise that by their use of the phrase "could refer to a scoring unit in the 4th edition". In effect they are erratering our Codex on a whim. It's grossly unfair to those who want to field Ravenwing and RAS Speeders in particular.

The right of reply

Now I'm all for fair play so here's an open offer to someone from organisers or representing the organisers to have their say. Should they come across this article I'd love to get their reasoning on this — and cite other examples that have determined this decision.

The Hall of shame

This isn't an issue restricted to the Dutch GT it seems as DA gamers elsewhere are unfairly suffering the same 5th Edition scoring compliance issues — forever pushing hard on the envelope of stupity for what is theirs by RAW.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who faces a similar problem where they play. I don't just mean the RAS Speeder issue — but not being able to use named characters (even in club games) is another common tourney rule, meaning no Ravenwing or Deathwing armies!

So here's your chance to name and shame, or to explain your rulings, whichever side of the fence you sit.

Unforgiven by name and by nature

Sometimes being part of the Unforgiven feels like constantly swimming against the tide. Perhaps it's just a test of our loyalty, some kind of Inner Circle joke. Better keep your eyes peeled for Watchers in the Dark then.

Better still hope that sanity prevails for next years' rules.


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