The Dark Fortress

July's White Dwarf spine and rulebook cover detail

26 June 2012 | 6th Edition

Really only of academic interest now that we have seen the full image previewed in leaks from July's White Dwarf… but even so this guy is shaping up nicely.

Azrael or Master? you decide.

I think what is more exciting is a detail of the DA character from the front of the Rulebook as posted on Games Workshop's 'What's New Today' page.

This isn't Azzy as he's firing a plasma pistol, but what a charaterful DA Master. My only gripe is that his robe looks less robe-like and more tabard-like than I'd prefer, but some sumptious detail nonetheless.

Check out the marine on the Master's left, notice the gold-edged shoulder pads? Command squad member or a Veteran maybe? And it looks like we're going red bolter-casings again as well!

Be interesting to see what imagery the Dark Angels' Codex will get when it's eventually released.


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