The Dark Fortress

Solved: Mystery of the White Dwarfs' spines

21 June 2012 | 5th Edtion

With leaks from July's White Dwarf due to understandable interest in the 6th Edition details it contains, a by-product is the disclosure of the complete WD spine image.

Yes as the fairly lo-res image snapped of an opened magazine demonstrates, the game is up on what the image is, if maybe not who it is. Spotted it? Look on the right-hand panel on the cover of the front of the Collectors' Edition 40k rulebook and there's our Dark Angel spine hero with the distinctive twin-barrelled plasma weapon.

My money is still on Azrael, posing with a very imposing Sword of Secrets on some kind of dais.

Hey enough excitement already?

Also on show are the fantastic Dark Angels that adorn the cover of the standard version of the 6th Edition rulebook. Difficult to make out precise details — but there are a few DA on there including possibly a Librarian(?). The main robed figure is probably a Master and he's certainly striking a very heroic pose with his sword. It looks like the Dark Angels are making serious headway as 6th Edition's Poster Boys. Time will tell on that I'm sure as there will almost certainly still be soley Ultramarines used in all generic marine models' product shots and packaging artwork — I can't see that ever changing.

Incidentally the Gamers' Edition looks awesome with bag, dice, markers etc.


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