The Dark Fortress

May's White Dwarf spine

21 May 2012 | 5th Edition

Nothing much by the way of new DA rumours so far this month, a fact that is slightly disquieting … or is it?.

White Dwarf spines continue to build

But these WD spines continue to mystify on so many levels with May's White Dwarf seeing another tantalising section of the DA figure added to the emerging larger collected image.

I still think it's either Azzy with some kind of souped-up plasma weapon, or a Company Master with the same.

Either way it's almost certainly twin-bore and possibly single-handed. So maybe twin-linked or two-shot? Other speculation that in fact the twin cooling coils signify that possibly DA plasma won't Get Hot! — something that ties in with an earlier rumour that DA plasma will be 'different' somehow. But no, there are certailnly two distinct bores on that very ornate weapon.

5th Edition Dark Angel Codex rumours

Various speculative GW release timetables have appeared on various websites — all claiming inside knowledge of course. One puts the DA Codex in the spring of 2013. If that's true then bad news. Others point to the autumn of 2012 after 6th Edition. Originally of course it was a rumoured May/June release, I think that is now not the case. The lack of solid evidence is worrying, but it could actually mean two things:

  • that GW have really buttoned down on the rumour leaks. Possible.
  • that there is nothing to leak! Also possible.

Yet still we have that emerging WD spine to wrestle with. What does it all mean? GW stop toying with us.


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