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Poll: 6th Edition DA Codex best new unit survey

5 April 2013 | 6th Edition

Nephilim jetfighter
"Yep I'm definitely new around here, but do you like me?"
Image: ©Twitchy Droid Painting Services.

With the DA Codex being used in anger for a few months now I thought it might be useful to see what tickled your fancy.

What's your 6th Edition DA hot favourite? Which new unit has filled that hole in your army's capability best?

I realise that this isn't an easy choice — I'm afraid you can only vote for one item — but I'm sure by now you've got your favourite unit integrated nicely into your Unforgiven lists and are giving your opponents hell. Or maybe you're voting from a fluff or modelling perspective rather than a gaming one, and that's entirely OK.

Note that I've been a little bit sneakyy here and included Belial who isn't strictly a new unit but has, in my opinion, been improved so beneficially that he might for all intents and purposes be new.

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