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Poll: Unforgiven army builds in 6th Edition

13 December 2013 | 6th Edition

DA Tactical squad in action
The Greenwing showing how it's done.
Image: Games Workshop.

This poll is intended as a quick snapshot of how Unforgiven gamers are building their armies using the 6th Edition Codex Dark Angels.

Due to the choice of army flavours that are available the DA there seems like a multitude of choices here. In fact there are 12. Carefully read down through the options before voting.

How do I work out which choice I should vote for?

I realise that this represents a broad brush system of categorisation, but that's fine. The first three options are fairly clear cut. Some other options are maybe more tricky.

So what constitutes Ravenwing heavy with Greenwing for instance? That would be where the majority of your army's Troop units are Ravenwing Attack Squadrons. You will also have some Greenwing units — these could be in your Troops slots too or occupy the HQ, Elites or Heavy Support slots.

What's Greenwing heavy with Deathwing and Ravenwing? That's where the majority of your army's Troop units are either Scout or Tactical squads. You will also have Deathwing and Ravenwing units — these could be in your Troops slots too or occupy the Elite and Fast Attack slots.

For instance, Deathwing Terminator squads taken as Troops supported by Whirlwinds would be Deathwing heavy with Greenwing.

I have purposely not catered for a build where there is no majority Troops choice, where Deathwing, Ravenwing and Greenwing all have an equal number of Troop units as I think that is a rare thing indeed. Sorry about that.

But I use allies, what do I do?

If you use allies from the Allies Matrix you can still use the majority rule from above for determining your Unforgiven build. If this isn't possible, there will be another poll soon specifically for determining who uses allies and from which Codex.

Any questions on how best to select your particular build, just ask in the comment section and I'll try to sort you out.


Once you've made your choice, click its associated button and hit the 'Vote now' button. One vote per person only.

Note: You can hit 'See results', but if you do that then you can't vote — so make sure to vote first.

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