The Dark Fortress


Astartes Record: /// 4th Co arch /// Dark Angels
Crossfile to: /// ref: 0017052005
Author: /// Chronicler Isiah

IT HAS been a month since the Tech Adepts operating the Dark Fortress listening post discovered the large warp anomaly within the Carpathian planetary system. Our deep space augars had also tracked frequent and random openings within the anomaly. The Adepts reported to Chaplain Zuriel that they feared the forces of Chaos were emerging unchallenged.

Astropathic communication from the system's seven planets indeed confirmed a slow but steady corruption of Imperial control and several civilian uprisings. It is rumoured that these unusual events were being coordinated by members of a Space Marine Chapter bearing the Dark Angels iconography. The Fallen.

Zuriel informed the Inner Circle and a conclave with Chapter Masters from Unforgiven Chapters began. The result was rapid mobilisation with the intention of a final act of redemption.

So much is already known.

We were ordered to prepare for embarkation upon the strikecruiser Angelus Mortis to add our weight to the Unforgiven Purge. Our garrison duties will be undertaken by the local PDF and two squads of our battle-brothers who are to remain here. In addition two squads from the Adeptus Mechanicus led by Tech-Priest Questor Sau, will oversee the running of the listening station's long range scanning augurs. The principle task of the garrison will be to maintain the integrity of the secure zone around the base and its continued uninterrupted operation.

As such we have been dutifully testing and blessing all our equipment and armaments in preparation for war. Techmarine Barzillai and his servitors industriously efficient and thorough in ensuring the machine spirits are appeased, and giving thanks to the Emperor for the gift of our weapon's war spirit.

We board a Thunderhawk tomorrow for the strikecruiser estimating our travel time to be about a week (warp storms permitting). Chaplain Zuriel will lead us once again. And anxious as we are to serve the Dark Angels and the Emperor with courage, strength and fortitude, we spend much of our off-duty time in the chapel reaffirming our dedication to Him and imploring his light and guidance in these troubled times.

When on duty, patrol activity continues apace. The Ravenwing's Land Speeders again proving their worth with many missions to support our PDF allies against renegade Guard units. Although enemy contact has lessened since the Carpathian warp anomaly became active, it would seem nevertheless that the Red Shroud Portal [see Bulletin 8] formed part of a greater network of similar portals since discovered on the planets of the Carpathian system. One can hardly imagine what terror could have been unleashed had its location here remained undiscovered.

Upon our arrival at our as yet unknown destination I will inform you of further preparations for the campaign.

Until the Sword is reforged.

Imperium Approved: Honoro Legio Dark Angels.

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Chronicler Isiah, the 4th Battle Company, Dark Angels.