The Dark Fortress

Horus Heresy Dark Angels at Warhammer World

7 December 2015 | 7th Edition

New Dark Angels codex cover
The original black, red and white Dark Angels. Seriously, it's making me want to build a 30K army!
Photograph by Warpstone Flux.

Spotted at Warhammer World — striking Horus Heresy Dark Angels exhibition panel.

Forming part of an exhibition, together with the White Scars, Blood Angels, Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves, these large displays detail some interesting background facts on each Legion (ok maybe some of this isn't so new) on a striking red background.

But the main interest for me is the image of the Dark Angel resplendent in its black pre-fall of Caliban battle plate. I just love this look and kind of wish the whole Dark Angels Chapter had retained this black armour. It's why I prefer my Deathwing to wear black plate. It looks so cool with its wear and tear.

Other interesting points of note:

  • "An unknown number of void outposts and watch fortresses on the Imperium's fringes". Yep. Including this place!
  • "Combined arms and multi-spectra warfare". Liking the sound of that

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