The Dark Fortress

6th Reserve Company

3rd Edition

Note: This was first written during our 3rd Edition Codex when non-Ravenwing bikers were still a possibility!

Normally organised into 10 Tactical squads, the company also has the unique ability of supplying battle brothers mounted on bikes and attack bikes to support other Battle Companies whenever the Ravenwing are unavailable. Usually only a maximum of three squadrons are deployed with any one battlegroup.

However, the 6th Company can also be deployed as a fully mounted force. Chapter records show that this is rare but it has occured in times when extra mobility is required en masse, the Tactical squads being quickly reorganised into Squadrons. This dictates that there are enough vehicles for the whole company at all times, a heavy burden, as such the 6th (like the 7th) Reserve Company draws a larger than usual retinue from the Chapter's Armoury to maintain the fleet of vehicles required.

The 6th is proud to have provided troopers of exceptional skills to the 2nd (Ravenwing) Company. This is a credit to the training and dedication shown by the 6th in operating its dual function. It should be remembered that the battle brothers are primarily trained in normal infantry roles to fulfill their main duty as a reserve of personnel to the hard pressed Tactical squads of the Battle companies.

Squads from the Reserve Companies often combine to campaign as fully-fledged battleforces safeguarding the Imperium wherever demand arises. This and a regime of arduous training on hostile worlds ensures the 6th are constantly prepared and battle-ready.

Although the organisation is fairly fluid — squadrons being created and detached as tactical situations dictate — the disposition shown below is how the company deploys when training fully mounted:


Master: Rafael
Chaplain: Jhudiel
Apothecary: Baruch
Standard Bearer: Garshanal

Bike Squadrons [60 Bikes]

4 Squadrons [1st-4th] of: 5 x Bikes with 1 x Attack Bike
8 Squadrons [5th-12th] of: 5 x Bikes
(Some of the bike squadrons can be assigned as command squads for the Master and Chaplain)

Attack Bike Squadrons [20 Attack Bikes]

4 Squadrons [13th-16th] of: 2 x Attack Bikes
(2 Squadrons currently serving as individual Attack Bikes assigned to Bike Squadrons)
4 Squadrons [17th-20th] of: 3 x Attack Bikes

Temporarily attached from the Armoury

1 Techmarine Suprema
1 Techmarines (only one or two mounted on bikes)
12 Servitors
10 Techno-Mats

This gives a total company complement of 60 Bikes, 20 Attack Bikes (Excluding HQ and attached Techmarines).


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