Dark Angels on an Epic scale

Having recently painted a few 15mm scale (1/100) Flames of War models I can totally appreciate the effort required to paint small scale models. And these are even smaller!

It's not everyday you see Epic scale Warhammer 40K models. Even less Dark Angels. But I'm amazed by the detail that has been included in these fantastic models. Hazzard-striping, banners, osl lighting, shoulderpad and other vehicle icons. Amazing.

Every squad has transport in the form of a Rhino and there is armour support from Dreadnoughts, Vindicators, Predators, Whirlwinds and LandRaiders. All beautifllu painted and based.

But my favourite items are the HQ characters: the Librarian, Chaplain – such character at minute size.

Note: a few of the original images were a bit out of focus. I've sharpened as best I can, but some are a little fuzzy. Apologies.

Also due to Tech Adept ineptitude the name of the creator of this amazing little force has been lost.

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