Augurium 2:
New Dark Angels codex cover and limited edition contents

17 June 2015 | 7th Edition

Intercepted on the airwaves are these images of new the new 7th edition Dark Angels codex cover and the contents of the limited edition set.

I think the codex cover is fine. I'm not keen on the limited edition outer box as to me it looks cheap and tacky.

The contents of the limited edition box looks like it probably consists of:

  • 6 objective markers/tokens
  • Maelstrom cards and their card case
  • An 'art' book
  • An outer box to hold everything
  • The codex with a green cover that says UNFORGIVEN across the bottom in gold letters, and the chapter logo in gold on the box and codex
  • Spell cards set for our new interromancy table and their card slip case

Images from The Bolter & Chainsword, posted by Master Sheol.


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